Veuto Industrial Holdings Limited

Veuto Inddustrial Holdings Limited (Hereafter called Veuto) is a multi-industry group company.
Veuto incorporated in 2012 in Hong Kong, and during the next couple of years invested and established
its sub organizations respectively in Shenhzen, Foshan, Xi’an , Beijing and Shanghai in China,
and in New Delhi, Dubai, Hamburg in overseas.

About Us

As a group company we are focusing on innovative technology and humanity care, thus we are under the way of investing, researching & developing, and manufacturing the products like Smart communication terminals, Smart home appliances, and smart medical appliances. We also provide OEM/ODM customization service to variety of customers and partners from the global. Begin with the conception of solution researches and developments, then products manufacturing and finally logistics distribution. With the investment of lots capitals we have integrated and controlled the major upper stream of different components providers, IHD firms, and absorbed a series of abroad scientific management methods on quality control, environment management and manufacturing management. We expect to provide our service by using our smart products to facilitate the users’ communication, save their time and energy and let people know about their health condition easily and conveniently.

Experienced 8 years of fast growing development, Veuto group now roles on Market leading and user experiencing oriented, System controlled, and Big data referenced comprehensive group company. The customer’s feedback and warmly participation always bring us great improvement and surprise. For the future we have already organized to smooth our system and absorb more user’s interactions plus the cloud calculation to create together with our clients to build a full round open platform in different fields to serve the whole world.

Our Culture

Veuto is a multiple-culture tolerant organization with open minded expressions, attracting and gathering different ideal young and energetic people who always produce imaginative and innovative creations. Innovation, Service and Honor is our eternal pursuit.

Working with the best

Bring people with a visible experience of health management and instant communication.

Our Vision

Become a supreme leader of iOT in the field of smart home and health management.