Guide for Buyer to buy True Wireless Earbuds

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Now, this is a time to think deeper and learn about the essential factors that you must know before buying a pair of true wireless earbuds.

Sound quality

Sound quality is a central consideration point in true wireless earbuds. It is mainly because of the way audio transmits wirelessly from an audio source to earbuds. In contrast, wired earbuds, digital audio signal has to be dense at source and then transfer to earbuds via wireless technology like Bluetooth. The Bluetooth earbuds manufacturer designs the Bluetooth earbud that receives the transmission and unpacks the digital signal back to the analog. The density and wireless communication can cause sound quality to drop.

You must know that Sound quality can be affected by the distance between the earbuds and source, the number of obstructions like walls, etc., between the original and the earbuds Bluetooth sound cod your new earbuds and source, support Bluetooth Audio Codecs.

Bluetooth sound codecs are different types of algorithms that compress and decompress digital signals. Codecs such as aptX, LDAC, and aptX HD can deliver sound quality at near CD quality. There are codecs like AAC, which is pretty decent. SBC has the lowest quality of compression digital signal.

Battery Life

The earbuds manufacturers focus on Battery life as it is a soft underbelly of true wireless earbuds. Because of their relatively small driver housing, wireless earbuds manufacturers find it challenging to fit bigger rechargeable batteries. Instead, they find a smart solution, they build the rechargeable battery into their carry case and call it the earbuds’ charging case.

Most true wireless earbuds last around 3 hours of use on average before their battery gets completely drained. It is where charging cases come inaccessible and handy. An excellent charging case gives your earbuds extra 5 to 6 hours of listening to music time. There are a lot of dynamics to look at the gauge how the battery life of true wireless earbuds gets drained. For instance, the volume can impact the consumption of earbuds’ battery life. The louder the music, the greater is the power consumption.

Comfort and Design

The absence of cables or cables in earbuds offers an extra layer of convenience, and it may be for that same reason true wireless earbuds have gained power in the last few years.

While selecting the best true wireless earbuds, you need to consider the level of comfort and functionality they give you. Otherwise, you will miscue the inherent purpose of getting a pair of cable-free earbuds–freedom of movement.

Sometimes to have more battery life out of the true wireless earbuds, the Bluetooth earbuds manufacturer will fit better batteries.


As a modern technology in its early stage, true wireless earbuds have their fair share of hiccups, the best brands, and the most classy models. That’s why it’s essential to take a warranty and return policy into consideration before deciding on your earbuds purchase. If you plan to buy wireless earbuds online, make sure to get acquainted with the manufacturer’s return policy and its customer service.

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