Generally, everything has some drawbacks, as well as benefits and smartwatches, are no exception.

One clear disadvantage is the distraction of having your wrist lively all the time with your incoming messages. It is difficult to get any work done without silencing your watch. That’s quickly resolved by silencing it for your workday or just by blocking apps that you do not want to get notified of. Before reading all the disadvantages, you make sure that you buy from suitable Smart watch suppliers, not from fake. Below is a list of important things to consider before purchasing a smartwatch.

Short battery life

Several people complain about the limited battery lifespan of smartwatches. A few people like to wear the watch at night and do not like to take it off for charging. It is a significant issue with some smartwatches with a battery lifespan of only 1-2 days. Ensure to check your device’s actual battery life and go for something with a battery life of 6 days and more.

People use the sleep tracking feature, so it is very annoying to wake up with a dead battery or take it off to charge the battery for the night. The battery life of 6 days or more allows you to set it throughout the weekend when you are not doing any activity you need to track.

The screen size is small.

For smartwatch applications, the small screen size is an issue. Smartwatches have tiny screens compared to your phones. Suitable Smart watch suppliers offer different sizes of the watch screen. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the screen size and think about what you are trying to do with the electronic device.

Electronics get outdated

Many tend to need to upgrade your smartphone after two or three years. These smartwatches are similar electronics that get out-of-date, and most likely, you want to upgrade after a few years. Keep this in mind when selecting a smartwatch and what kind of budget you need to spend on a device that quite quickly gets old-fashioned.  It is not like buying an automatic watch that you may end up using for 20 or 40 years. The newer end of these smartwatches can cost as a high-end smartphone, so they tend to be expensive.

Devices get damaged

Smartwatches are microchip technology, and you wear them on your wrist, so it should at least be splash-proof, so you can wear it through washing your hands and when doing exercise and getting a sweat on it. Always make sure that it is waterproof or not before going to bath or swim with your smartwatch.

Some of the previous fit-bit models had the worst issues with the bands starting to show wear and tear and ultimately breaking off. Fitbit’s consumer service was very responsive and helpful in replacing those electronic devices, but still. Many of the Smart watch manufacturers try to solve this issue but still, it is good to check reviews before committing to a device.

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